Care Instructions


Our clay body, glazes, and stains are all formulated to ensure that our pottery is completely food safe.

Some of our products have unglazed elements in which the bisque is exposed. Care should be taken to avoid exposing these surfaces to moisture and setting them directly onto wood surfaces, as damage to the wooden surface can occur.

On a low setting, majolica pottery is dishwasher safe, but hand washing and drying will extend the life and lustre of the finish.

We do not recommend our pottery be used in the microwave.

Avoid using over or under direct concentrated heat. Not for use on the stove top or under a broiler.

Select pieces (lasagna pan, square baker, pie plates and bread pans) can be used to bake with in an oven. We recommend use at temperatures not to exceed 350 degrees. Never transfer the dish directly from the freezer to a hot oven, but rather let the dish heat up gradually.

We do not recommend directly planting with soil in our garden pots, but rather to use a liner to preserve the beauty of the pottery. We recommend storing garden pottery indoors during the winter in temperatures at 40 degrees or warmer.

Our Slab vases are intended for use with artificial or dried flowers. If you wish to use for fresh flowers, we recommend using a plastic liner inside the vase.