Chief Cuteness Officer

Sox is our pottery pet and he keeps us company at our studio. He hits the ground running, racing through the back studio door all the way to the front to say hello to Ann. He spends his days visiting each artisan and searching for treats. He enjoys lunchtime the best, especially with Beth, who usually packs a separate lunch just for him! We are still working on acclimating Sox to the gallery, as he has a tendency to race towards the door barking when new customers arrive—he is just so excited to see them! Be sure to stop by and visit Sox on your next studio tour.



Julie Harbal has had a passion for Packer Creek Pottery since the early age of fourteen, when she started to train under Jan Pugh’s tutelage. Over her many years with the company, she has gained a thorough knowledge of the business, and continues to fall in love with the product. “I am just so honored to carry on the legacy Jan has built at Packer Creek Pottery.” When asked about the favorite part of her day, Julie replies it is twofold, “Delivering locally handmade products that are beautiful and cheerful, to our awesome clientele whom I look forward to interacting with each day. As well as working with the phenomenally talented artisans we are fortunate to have on our team. Every day is a beautiful day at the pottery shop!”



Jan Pugh has had a lifelong passion for pottery. After completion of art school in 1979, Jan returned to her hometown of Genoa, Ohio, to set up a studio. This was the beginning of Jan's signature style and the start of Packer Creek Pottery. The business quickly outgrew its tiny one room studio into its current multi-building complex located in charming downtown Genoa. Over its many years in business, Jan has trained many skilled artisans in her technique and majolica pottery. The dedication to quality and the unique, whimsical, and colorful designs are a tradition that will continue on at Packer Creek Pottery.


Clay Forming

Chach has worked at Packer Creek Pottery for over twenty years. In his tenure, he has worked in a variety of capacities with a current specialization in our clay forming departments. He is a master at slip casting and press forming. His attention to detail and zero waste approach keeps our operation clean and lean. When asked what he enjoys about his work, he sites the fun work environment, making unique things with his hands, and the emphasis on quality and detail that is allotted in making each piece. In his spare time, Chach designs and builds beautifully detailed wooden crafted toys from scratch. Chach always has a smile on his face and is a joy to be around.


Potter, Decorator

Bethany has worked at Packer Creek Pottery for nine years and has a thorough knowledge of the entire production process. She is a dedicated artisan and has a formal training in ceramics. She is a master at all things in clay forming, including the traditional throwing forms on a potter’s wheel, which is her favorite thing to do. She is always interested in learning more about our process, is committed to researching new techniques, and seeing projects through from start to finish. Bethany is also a very talented decorator. She enjoys traveling to tropical locations that are off the beaten path, crafting, and news radio.


Studio Assistant

Cheri has been with our team for four years. She has an affinity for detail and organizing, which makes her a tremendous asset in our clay forming studio. Her care for detail and collaborative approach to production ensure a great base for our product. When asked about the favorite part of her job, she cites the fun work environment, ability to work as a team to ensure customers are 100% satisfied, and the variety in tasks each day. “It is exciting to see a product made from a piece of clay into a bright, cheerful product that brings a smile to our customer’s face.” Her hobbies are reading and spending time with her children.


Studio Assistant

Over her fourteen years at Packer Creek Pottery, Judy has worked in a variety of capacities and has a thorough knowledge of the business. Her current focus in the studio is in the glazing stage of our process. She meticulously touches up the dipped glazed pots and prepares their surfaces for decorating. Judy keeps our studio organized and our decorators happy. She enjoys the variety of tasks she is exposed to in a typical day at the shop, from helping customers in the gallery to working with the decorators and seeing how their styles are each unique and different. “Out of all the jobs I have had, this is my favorite place to work!” Judy enjoys camping, gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren.


Studio Technician

Dave has worked with our team for four years. He is involved in all things mechanical and keeps our studio in great running condition. He is trained in kiln operations, mold making, and apprenticing in glaze dipping. He is also very creative and talented at clay forming, and enjoys hand sculpting our whimsical figurines the most—“it’s like being a kid again and playing with playdough!” Dave enjoys all things art, and likes to play paintball and outdoor activities in his free time.



Ann has been a part of the Packer Creek Pottery family for fifteen years. She is an excellent decorator, painting with an ease and light-heartedness that only a true talent can execute. Her favorite part of her job is painting. “I love the ability to express myself artistically. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and my co-workers.” Ann is also very funny, and has a brilliant sense of timing with her delivery. She certainly keeps us laughing! She enjoys camping, minor gardening, and crafting. “You are only as old as you feel!”



Trina is a brilliant decorator and her creativity continues to delight customers. “Thirteen years later I am amazed that I have been so lucky to get to be a part of this company and its products. To get to have a job where I get to have creative freedom, add a touch of whimsy to the pieces I paint, and put beautiful colors together is my wish come true. My favorite part of the day?—Popping open the kiln in the morning and checking out the pretties! *Bliss*” Trina enjoys reading, riding her motorcycle, and spending time with her family.



Allyson has worked at Packer Creek Pottery for eight years. In her term, she has become proficient in many areas of production including clay forming, glazing, and her current area of focus-decorating. She embodies collaboration and teamwork. Al is light hearted, fun to be around, and has a laugh that will brighten up the room. “The favorite part of my day is creating the one of a kind pieces of pottery and seeing the joy our craft brings to our loyal customers.” Her hobbies are spending time with her husband and sons, the outdoors, and crafting.



Kelsey has worked in our studio for three years, has an attention for detail and is meticulous in her painting execution. “I’ve been interested in drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon. My mom is an artist, so I grew up striving to create at the best of my ability.” Kelsey has an adventurous spirit and her hobbies are water skiing, snowboarding, long boarding, rock climbing, and crafting.



Jana joined our team last fall and is doing a fabulous job in our decorating department. She has a beautiful execution and interpretation of design. “I really enjoy the creative aspect of the work, painting and trying new things. It has been exciting to see the patterns I am able to paint.” Jana enjoys our spring items, especially the watering can shaped vases. She enjoys reading, shopping, spending time with her family, and cheering her children on at their sporting events.



Alyssa has worked at Packer Creek Pottery for two summers. She attends University for two dimensional arts with a minor in music. She loves her job because she gets to paint all day. “I love my co-workers—everyone is so funny and fun to be around.” Alyssa enjoys eating lunch each day with her mom, who works at a local business across the street. Her hobbies are playing the harp, drawing, and helping her mom lead Girl Scout troops.


Gallery, Sales Maven

“We really do have the BEST customers. They have great taste and high expectations and it is my pleasure to assist them in selecting the perfect piece for a gift or an item for their personal collection. I enjoy providing a memorable shopping experience for our customers through excellent customer service.” Beth is dedicated to delivering the finest shopping experience to our customers, and has been doing so at Packer Creek Pottery for the past five years. She gives great care to understanding our customer's needs and tastes in helping them find the perfect piece of pottery. Beth loves to cook and vacation in warm tropical locations. She adores her family. Sox is Beth’s biggest fan, and loves to keep her company at the lunch table.


Gallery, Sales

Pam is one of the newest members of the Packer Creek Pottery family. A native of Genoa, Pam has been a long time customer. “It’s a happy, beautiful, colorful place to work. I love it that so many people love our product and we get to assist them in their purchases.” Pam has an eye for design and helps to create beautiful displays in our gallery. When asked about her favorite piece, she says she loves them all, especially our new Love Birds pattern. In her free time, Pam enjoys sewing, scrapbooking, golf and bowling.


Gallery, Sales and Social Media

Chris has worked at Packer Creek Pottery for six years, helping our customers select unique gifts and the perfect curated item for their personal collections. “I love when the kilns are unloaded and all the new pots are brought over to the gallery for pricing and display. I really love when someone new comes into the shop and the opportunity to educate our customers on our product and that is all made right here in Genoa, Ohio.” Chris also leads our social media, like us on Facebook! She loves our switch plate covers—“they make a whole room pop!” Chris was born and raised in Genoa, and loves to shop, organize events, and plan trips & parties. She loves to entertain and spend time with her grandchildren.


Gallery, Sales

Anna has worked at Packer Creek Pottery for two years, but has been a customer forever and remembers back when Jan would travel to local art fairs. She enjoys the diversity of activity during a typical day at the pottery shop. She loves interacting with customers and getting to know them, and is great with technology. Anna is an admitted mug-a-holic and has quite a large collection of Packer Creek Pottery mugs, including some large custom mugs. Anna enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren, cooking, photography, and exercise.


Gallery, Sales

Bonny is very detailed oriented and is awesome at assisting customers with finding just the perfect piece of pottery. A former classically trained ballet dancer, she still enjoys dancing, and is a regular at Zumba. Bonny is a very caring and kind person, and volunteers a lot of her time in helping others. She especially enjoys volunteering for elections.